Letter: Taylor’s Story

Dr. Lopes received the following letter from Taylor, a young vibrant high school gymnast that presented in Dr. Lopes’ practice at Rush University Medical Center with a large AVM. Taylor had experienced a seizure that left her unable to control movement in her arm and...

Video: Bill’s Story

I had a stroke last year and it surprised me. It came out of no where. I had no symptoms for it. I was not on my general practitioner’s “watch list” and, fortunately, I came out of it okay… Bill underwent a successful cerebral angioplasty with Dr. Lopes to treat...

Facebook: Cyndi’s Story

“About 10 years ago, I had a new procedure that Dr. Lopes performed which allowed a coil and stent to be inserted in the brain to stop an unruptured aneurysm. Thank goodness for medical science and for wonderful dedicated doctors. Thank you!”

Review: RateMDs.com

“Dr. Lopes is the very best at what he does. He has treated me and also saved a family member’s life!”