Dr. Demetrius Lopes is my doctor, and I am so thankful for his talents and expertise. He is a brilliant neurosurgeon; however, what is equally meaningful is his kindness. I am not an easy patient as I move between Florida and Illinois, but Dr. Lopes and his entire staff take excellent care of my needs. Dr. Lopes is calming, comforting, professional and so very kind.

My experience in hospitals both for myself and family members has rarely been satisfactory and often terrifying until I had appointments at Rush with Dr. Lopes. I am so very pleased with every phase of my treatment from registering to discharge. After my first appointment a year ago, I received an apology letter in the mail as my procedure had to be delayed an hour due to an intervening emergency. A small gesture but highly meaningful. I have shared this with many in the medical profession and suggested that lessons could be learned from Rush personnel.

With all the current challenges encompassing every aspect of the medical profession, I think it is overwhelming and daunting to maintain a high quality of hospital practice; however, Rush is accomplishing this and setting a very high bar. I thank you.