How do you even begin to thank the people who saved your life? A simple “Thank You” does not even come close to how I feel since you were brought into my life. I now have a second chance in life, a fact that became clear to me from the moment we met.

This was a traumatizing event for me, however, there was no doubt at all with me or my family that I was in the right hands with my medical team. Through all of my fears, I believed that if anyone could fix my aneurysm, it was you and your team. I was comforted and my family was comforted, and for that I say “THANK YOU!” Any doctor that treats the patient and their family is someone that was born to be a doctor.

The anesthesiologists listened to all of my concerns and as a result, I did not face one of my biggest fears, and that was getting sick after surgery. I awoke without nausea or pain, other than a little dizziness, slight headache and an itchy scalp, one would never know I had surgery to repair a brain aneurysm.

The nursing staff was also amazing, being so loving and gentle and not only treated me like family, but also treated my family so tenderly.

I know that I questioned everyone after surgery if I was still on earth and that was because you all felt like my angels…sent from the heavens above to save my life. I thank God everyday that we found you and your team, and that you were put on this earth to do exactly what you are doing—saving the lives of people every day. It may seem routine sometimes, but please know that I will forever be grateful for you to have saved my life!


Frances (and Family)