Dr. Lopes,

Rachel visiting Dr. Lopes a few months after her treatment for stroke, which was caused by an Arteriovenous Malformation.

You are the most amazing, amazing man I have had the honor to meet and put my life in your hands. You saved my life on May 24, 2014, and there is no amount of thank yous I can say to show my gratitude. For the man that saved my life, all I could do then is name a stuffed mammoth after you, but now I am showing you my positivity and my strength so that you will know that you’ve saved a young girl’s life. I will not waste it and I will appreciate every last minute of it. Forever will you be my hero.

Thank you,
Rachel Delfina Castro

Rachel’s story was featured in the Chicago Tribune story “Andrew senior appreciates life more after stroke.” Read the story and watch video of Rachel’s class presentation.

Rachel with Dr. Lopes and Kiffon Keigher, RN, MSN, ACPN, after surgery in May 2014.